The Specifications: How do I choose the best oil filter formy vehicle?

The number one enemy of your engine? They are usually small particles of sediment that cannot be observed with the human eye. Sediment particles within the 10-20-micron range can cause very serious damage to bearings, cylinders, and other engine parts. So, a good filtration system is essential. Look here for additional insights: best oil filter

10-micron particles can pass through the space between the motor shaft and the bearings. Particles between 10 and 20 microns are trapped in that space and generate heat that will cause damage to the surface.

A misunderstanding about oil filters is that if there is less material inside, it doesn't work well. That is not the case; not all filter materials are created equal. In fact, there are many types of filter materials. The amount of material is not indicative of its efficiency or filter capacity.

"Valvoline ™ uses a synthetic blend material that provides excellent protection, high efficiency, and greater capacity,"says Tim Latham, Global Product Line Manager at Valvoline.

Cellulose materials are not as efficient as synthetic blend materials. Oil filters made from traditional cellulose (paper) are usually the lowest quality, with large pores and low efficiency. They usually provide less protection for your engine.

Synthetic mix filters with cellulose, glass and polyester have microfibers that improve efficiency without sacrificing capacity.Polyester fibers provide superior durability. Above all, these filters give better protection to the engine. The frequency with which the oil is changed together with the type of filter are very important for the maintenance of the internal parts of your engine throughout its life.

When choosing an oil filter, always check your vehicle owner's manual for compatibility and warranty information.

Here are some additional tips:

• All filter manufacturers have a directory, website or mobile application to be able to search for the correct oil filter for your vehicle. Visit Valvoline Filters at to find the right one for you. You can also download the Valvoline Service Parts application from the iTunes store or Google Play.

• You should also make sure that the filter lasts long enough according to the recommended intervals for oil changes for your vehicle.